Denis Charron president of the company, was coming back from Massachusetts , on the highway 93 north in the beautiful white mountains, 
when suddenly the inspiration of starting his own enterprise emerged.  

The name Granit Exclusif was born.

Having 25 years of experience behind him in the field of granite, Denis Charron founded Granite Exclusif with Lyne Quirion

Since 1999, we are proud to share the beauty and exceptional look of one of the greatest product nature has to offer!

Pleased with our choice of colors provided from all around the world, the durability and the easy care of our products,  
all of our customers recommend our services to their friends and family.
We are well known for our personalized before and after sale service, with the best quality at competitive prices.

Thank you and enjoy your visit on our web site, for more information don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are the specialists of Granit and Quartz. . .